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The Goats (a list of tMG bloggers)
knowledge reigns supreme over nearly everyone

there’s a few super revealing things about people, and I think what album they convince you to listen to when they’re blackout drunk is my favorite

the best thing about Avril Lavign’s Hello Kitty is the thought of Chad Kroeger listening to it for the first time and trying to reassure her it’s a good song

I don’t even think I’ve changed in the past four years. I just smell a little different.

I might be a shitty poet, but fuck, it’s paying for half of my college tuition. 

I will not be satisfied until Im fluent in at least four languages.

if I ever see you mock someone for wearing a hijab I will use my ulock for its intended purpose: as a weapon

white boy voice: no, you just haven't heard rap that's not mainstream, that's why you don't like it