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The Goats (a list of tMG bloggers)
knowledge reigns supreme over nearly everyone

from not having a bike lock and having all my luggage (with nowhere to store it) this is essentially a seven hour layover in a framiliar place

to do list

  • buy a burrito
  • orgasm
  • find more ways to kill the nine hours of waiting

on learning Enochian

If we can speak with angels, surely we

can meet them. If we can make bricks

we can just as easily burn them thoroughly.

I have been climbing this tower and reading 

through beer-stained napkin notes of

John Dee and descending to my own donasdogama.

Trying to learn the language,

trying to meet you.

most of the reason I dont believe in god comes from the number of times Ive unsuccessfully tried to sell my soul to the devil

*walks into a vrs booth*

this is the worst photobooth ever, where do the pictures even come out

ive heard JD’s goddamn story about the Sign being on the radio on his tour where he stops in Bloomington like 60 times on 60 different live recordings.

Im gonna listen to it 60 more times

have you written a letter to someone you promised never to speak to again and then promptly burned said letter today?